I just clicked on to your memories of Grantsville. How well I remember all the places you mentioned.

I can't believe that two of my grade school teachers are still living. The grade school, seemed so big then. Pearl Kelley's store, my mother Erma Jordan worked there for awhile. The Stumps, they were everything to everybody. I remember WWII when gas was rationed, the Stumps took one of their cars and drove my mother to Akron to get my (adopted) baby sister, seven days old.

Amos Gibson's store, my best fiend, Joan Kirby is his granddaughter and she would sometimes (work) there. I thought she was so rich. The town on Saturday night, my dad, Jerd, worked for Hope and he and his buddies would find a place to talk while Mom and I shopped. The theatre, we didn't have TV, so during WWII if you wanted to see the news, you went to the theatre and watched "the eyes and ears of the world". Remember that? And we would search the screen hoping to see a loved one. The price of a movie ticket was fifteen cents and a nickel for popcorn and a nickel for candy bar. Those were the days!!

I love the memories of my wonderful, beautiful Grantsville and Calhoun county. Thanks so much for the pictures and your memories. Thank you for a wonderful trip back to memory lane.

Ruth Jordan Boyd