Dear Editor,

I read with much nostalgic interest your recent look back at Granstville. I never lived in Grantsville, but can remember as a young girl making the windy trek from Parkersburg to Grantsville every Memorial Day to decorate graves in the Bethlehem Cemetery. My mother was Elizabeth Gates (Walker), great granddaughter of Simon Stump. She spent most of her childhood in Grantsville, and I can remember her stories of time spent at the Graded School, and playing in the high school band.

Our visits from Parkersburg would often include a stop at our Aunt Maude and Uncle Holly Nester's store, where he would always end our visit by picking up a lemon and a piece of stick candy, cutting a small hole in the lemon, and putting the stick candy into the hole. He always promised that if we would try to suck the lemon juice through the candy, we wouldn't get sick on that curvy ride home. As I recall, it never really worked, but kept us occupied for part of the ride home!

I remember countless hours of swinging on the porch swing on my Aunt Ruby Johnson's front porch. I remember visiting my Aunt Grace Hathaway, and signing in her guest book. I remember picnic lunches at the Bethlehem Church on Memorial Day.

My mother has been gone a little over a year now, and there will be no new stories to hear. I try to get to Grantsville about once a year. I don't have anyone to visit there anymore, but I love to spend time in the genealogy room at the library, and visit the cemetery again.

I thoroughly enjoy the Hur Herald, and I feel like it keeps me close to those old memories and family now gone. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Kathy Walker Buckingham
Vienna, WV