Speaking Out About Football Incident


One little spark starts the forest fire. This is what has happened with the high school football incident.

I cannot go into detail of what happened specifically, due to pending investigation. This is a small town, everyone knows everyone, but, judge not lest ye be judged.

Make sure all the facts are before you and right now they aren't. This makes me angry when these children and parents have to sit back, shut up and read or watch their children being drug through the mud as freedom of speech is being very well exercised by the accusers mother.

The stories I have heard and the articles I have read keep getting more horrific. How many times can you change the truth and still say it's the truth?

The stories make you believe the boy is scared for his life. No one intentionally targeted this young man. This was boys horsing around with another teammate.

This incident has truly blown my mind. Truly times have changed when innocence of being children has been lost. The tradition of "locker room" horseplay is forever changed.

I feel the word "hazing," needs to be clarified for us all. This by no means falls under this category. I have faith in the coaching staff, that if this was a serious act of "intentional harming," of another player, a more severe punishment would have been displayed.

Remember these are minors also. Just make sure as your casting your stones of condemnation you weren't in their shoes in a "different time," when you were a member of the football team, wrestling, basketball, baseball, etc. When horseplay was just what it was. Because you could be walking in these young mens shoes.

The truth will be found in all the drama around this crock of bull. When it is, apologies should be made to these young men.

May God bless each one of you and your families.

Melinda Hicks
Mt. Zion