GUARDING FREEDOM - Misgivings And A Sense Of Security


Dear Editor,

I read with misgiving your "Guarding Freedom" article. I have felt some sense of security in what our Government has done with regard to the unprecedented attack on the United States by terrorists.

There are people out there who truly hate us and our way of life and they are very determined to bring us down by whatever means it takes to get the job done and it is still possible that they will succeed. That possibility increases dramatically if our government does not take drastic action.

As a country and as individuals we have been way too lax. We will very soon, I think have to make some sacrifices and readjust our way of thinking. Are we capable of making those sacrifices? Yes! But will we, when actually faced with the challenges, be willing to do what it takes? I'm not at all sure.

Many things in this country need to change immigration policy for one. your article spoke of our justice system. Most people would agree after observing the OJ Simpson trial that our justice system is in need of some reform. You ask, "does it not bother you about not knowing about certain actions of the US Government?" My answer is: "It bothers me considerably more to know that the terrorists are working and planning even as I write this to destroy our nation. I do not view my government as the enemy."

Erless Waldschmidt,
Falls Church, VA