Intolerance Over Wood Festival Parking


Dear Editor,

Last Friday at the Wood Festival, I witnessed cars being towed away from the corner of Main Street, near the NAPA store. The person responsible for this towing was apparently the owner of the auto parts store, formerly NAPA.

I operated a store on Main Street, Grantsville for 40 years, and when booths and other structures were in place at festival time, no cars could be parked within a block of my store, Grantsville Appliance.

Even access to the rear of my business was blocked along with my warehouse.

Having the finest customers in the world, it never entered my mind to have one of their cars towed.

. It was distressing to see one of my closest friend's auto about to be towed away. Mary Louise Smith's car was partially loaded. I'm sure if "Mr. NAPA" had known Mrs. Smith's problems he might have acted differently.

May I add here that anytime parking is not congested at the festival, we will be in trouble.

I also doubt that he knows about the tireless effort put forth by those who spend many hours of time and labor making the festival the success it is.

In the time that I have patronized his place of business, I did not see many items weighing more than a can of WD-40, certainly not as heavy as the refrigerators, TVs, microwaves, etc., in my store.

I don't know if this gentleman has ever heard the saying, "You can win the battle and lose the war." In my opinion he may have just won the battle.

In no way does this letter cast any aspersions on any of his fine and helpful employees.

He than had the audacity to tell me that her car was not the one blocking his store, and I quote, "It was the 'silver' one," yet he stood by and allowed the $49.50 fine be levied against Mrs. Smith.

Let me assure the owner, that I, nor my friends may not have a need to park close to his store in the future.

I feel that he should issue an apology to Mrs. Smith and return to her the cost of the fine.

Von Yoak
Grantsville, WV