Dear Editor, I am James McCracken a former Calhoun County resident and proud to say so. Normally speaking several years ago if you were from Calhoun County you were referred to as a "HOONER" whats wrong with that ? Nothing. Now let me get back to the West Virginia Veterans. I too am a West Virginia Veteran "Viet Nam Era" And I am a proud member of Post 21 American Legion in Spencer. I encourage all former members of the Grantsville Post to join us at the Spencer Post.

We have a lot of Older Vets in our Post. Namely, Denver Gandee Sr., what a guy, a walking history book. When he says I have been there you can add "and he has done that." His awards and decorations are numerous. But he is not the only one with awards and decorations. Walter Criss is another, he served in France as well as Denver Gandee and others who are #21 members.

It seems to me that over the years in every war WV Men and Women have gone to serve and yes some paid the price by giving there life for freedom. I saw a Veterans Pin the other day that said it all. "FREEDOM AIN'T FREE" I agree with that 100%.

When I was in the Air Force I was approached by a man with his young son. I was waiting in an Airport for a flight, the man saw I was in uniform and said to me "Bet you are from WV" Yes sir I am, I replied. "You fellers will fight at the drop of a hat" the man remarked. "Yes sir" I replied when it comes to what we believe in.

Respectfully Yours,
Jim McCracken