WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING - "All Options On The Table"


By Bob Weaver, Opinion and Comment

While 24-7 media reports on the political minutia of the presidential campaign, and people are worrying about $4-a-gallon gasoline, there are a few red flags a'flyin' regarding President George Bush's intentions regarding the "Iranian threat."

More U.S. aircraft carriers are hovering in the Persian Gulf, with CBS News reporting "the Pentagon has ordered military commanders to develop new options for attacking Iran."

Vice-president Dick Cheney has said "All options are on the table," in dealing with Iran.

Bush claims Iran is arming Iraqi insurgents, which indeed they may be.

Navy Admiral William Fallon, commander of the US forces in the Middle East, retired under pressure after he told reporters the Bush administration's "constant drumming of conflict against Iran...was not helpful or useful."

Thomas Barrett, a former Naval War College professor, recently wrote that Fallon was "standing up to the commander in chief whom he thinks is contemplating a strategically unsound war," against Iran.

The Washington Post has reported that Bush-Cheney have some sort of plan to attack Iran before their time is up.

In 2003, Time magazine reported that the US government has drawn up a list of 1000 possible targets to strike in Iran.

Numerous speculative accounts say the Bush administration wants to do a preemptive strike on Iran, using the weapons of mass destruction justification.

Sound familiar?

The London Sunday Times has quoted that at least four US generals have gone on record saying they will quit if Bush invades Iran.

In December, the US National Intelligence Estimate, a compilation of information from all US intelligence agencies, said that Iran has no atomic bomb program.

Political pundits, for many months, have been writing that Bush wants to attack Iran before the General Election.

Such plans have been laid, while you were sleeping.

The end-game remains to be seen.

Hur Herald from Sunny Cal
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