In Praise Of Minnie Hamilton Health System


OPEN LETTER TO THE PUBLIC I just felt compelled to write this letter after being admitted to Minnie Hamilton Hospital on April 4th, 2008 due to COPD and emphysema condition. I spent 21 days at the hospital and I just can't say in words what a great experience it was, although it was a critical situation at the time with a bad lung infection, I wouldn't of traded the experience for a night at the Ritz.

I want to take this opportunity to praise and thank Minnie Hamilton Hospital for there utmost professional staff, which includes Doctors, RNs, LPNs, NAs, Physical Therapist, Respiratory Dept, ER, Housekeeping, Dietitians and etc.

Before returning to my hometown in 2000, my wife and I were very reluctant to return here because of my illness and the fear I couldn't get the correct care and also the fact that we had heard rumors about Minnie Hamilton Hospital that wasn't good. But we returned anyway and made contact with Dr. Hande who has been exceptional along with Dr. Suresh treating my illness.

One of the reasons I want to have this letter published is to wipe those rumors clean.

Minnie Hamilton has one of the best Respiratory Departments that I have ever utilized. Anybody that has a lung condition, whether it be asthma, emphysema, etc., should make an appointment with them and be assessed for your condition, just call Minnie Hamilton at 354-9244 ext 366 or 123 and ask for Rebecca, Crystal or Shelly believe me you will be so grateful.

I didn't think there was anything more I could learn about my disease but I was very wrong, they are so professional, that they recognized the fact that I wasn't using my lungs to breathe correctly along with other things.

I am in better condition after my stay at the hospital then I have been for the past three years and all because of the wonderful care given to me starting with the Calhoun Ambulance Service that was very prompt in getting me to the emergency room, also Minnie Hamilton's EMT that met the ambulance in route to administer assistance to me, then the Emergency Room where Dr. Kevak and the respiratory specialists treated me until admitting me to the acute care floor into Dr. Hande and Dr. Suresh's excellent care.

I know this is a long letter but my wife and I just wanted the public to be aware that in most cases there is no need to leave this great town of Grantsville where there is a hospital here with such excellent professional doctors and staff that are so dedicated to the people.

God Bless
Jim and Marilyn Barr