Sports Encroachment On Sunday Worship


Dear Editor,

Participation in sports offers our children an opportunity for physical, mental and emotional growth.

Team sports teach children to work together toward a common goal and to support each other in the endeavor.

They teach our children to deal with the emotional ups and downs of success and loss.

As a father of two boys and pastor of a growing church with close to 100 children and teens, I am a strong supporter of sports.

I participated in team sports when I was growing up, I continue to participate as an adult, and I encourage my sons to participate.

However, as a pastor, I am saddened by the encroachment of team sports into God's territory.

Solomon says in Ecclesiastes that there is a time for everything.

If we work together, perhaps parents will not have to choose between God and sports.

I believe God blesses those who honor Him.

One of the ways we honor Him is to make attending church a priority.

While sports offer many benefits to our children, we should not have to sacrifice worship to obtain those benefits.

This article is a plea to the leaders of our communities to allow our children the opportunity to play sports six days a week and to worship God on Sunday.

Thank you for your consideration of possibly rescheduling these activities on days other than Sunday.

We would like to offer our appreciation to all of you who are already scheduling these activities other than Sunday.

Thank you for you understanding.

Pastor Chris Stout
Mud Fork Church