To The Editor I am writing this to give some recognition to a team in this county that seems to have gone UN-recognized all season. The Calhoun County Jr. Varsity Football Team.

These young men worked hard, and had a good season, with 2 wins, 1 loss, and 2 ties, three of their scheduled games being canceled.

As a parent of one of these players the highlight of my week was not Friday night when I watched my son and others stand on sidelines in support of the Varsity, and in hopes to get to play a few plays. It was Monday nights game, when I got to see my son on the field.

Then on Wednesday, I purchased a county paper to see his stats and highlights of the JV game. Never happened, all season, it never happened! I don't understand why these kids did not at least deserve a little recognition for their efforts.

It seems that someone in the school athletic system would have enough pride in these young men to keep some stats or at the very least a few highlights. All the other teams were reported. It's a shame when you have to buy a newspaper from a neighboring county to get the highlights of a Calhoun County game.

These young men are not "just the Jr. Varsity" they are your "future Varsity". It seems to me that some pride, recognition, and encouragement for this "future varsity" team would have a positive effect on the future of our Varsity team. I would like to say Thank you to Mr. Bob Weaver for his coverage of our home games.

Sharon Laughlin