Things Are Different In Mason County


Dear Editor, I am Amanda Cottrill, now Amanda Tarbett, I used to be the Deputy Circuit Clerk for Sheila Garretson. I was just looking at the Hur Herald checking in on Old Calhoun. I now reside with my husband and son in Point Pleasant.

I must say that things are much different down here. I now work for a law firm as a real estate clerk. When I first moved to Mason County I was set in my ways. I was used to everyone knowing everyone and everyone being friendly. However to my dismay, I was wrong. The people around here are friendly but not like the people of Calhoun, and about everyone knowing everyone, well I have been here for almost 10 months and I do not even know my neighbors. By working in a law firm I have gotten to know many people but not like it was in Calhoun.

I just wanted to let you know that everyone and every place is not like Calhoun. I am only 21 but I have learned to appreciate the people of Calhoun. My husband, Steve, and I are happy here in Point Pleasant but every time we get a chance to take our son, Ian, to grandma Arlene and grandpa Rick's we do. We want him to know the people in Calhoun.

Thanks for giving me a web site to check in on Calhoun. I always wonder what is going on.


Amanda Tarbett, formerly Amanda Cottrill