A Message to Community and Political Leaders - From Shari L. Johnson


On Tuesday and Wednesday, February 5]6, 2009 the Youth Leadership Institute will be conducting a two day training on gCommunities Mobilizing for A Change on Alcohol. This training has been sponsored by the Calhoun Middle High School Youth Force as an ongoing effort to create awareness in our community regarding underage consumption of alcohol. There are approximately 10 spaces remaining to be filled for this free training.

Communities Mobilizing for a Change on Alcohol (CMCA) is an evidence based prevention program that utilizes community organizing strategies designed to reduce access to alcohol by youth 13]20 years of ages by changing policies and practices. This method has been proven effective by not only limiting alcohol access to people under the legal drinking age, but also sends a clear message to community that underage consumption of alcohol is inappropriate and unacceptable.

If at all possible, I encourage you to attend this training as evidence of your concern for the youth in our community. If youfd like to reserve your space please contact me at 304-940-0115, 354-7231 or email me at talk2shari@lycos.com

Shari L. Johnson
Calhoun Middle High School
Youth Force Substance Abuse Prevention Program Director