POLYNERVOUSTICKS ("Many-Nervous-Itches") - Say It Ain't So


By Bob Weaver

LUBECK WATER CUSTOMERS SUES DU PONT - DuPont Chemical Company at Washington, Wood County says the chemical C-8 used in the manufacturing of teflon has not caused any health risks to the residents of Wood County. Some customers of the Lubeck water district are claiming it has contaminated their water system and they have filed suit. DuPont says they have maintained levels below the "exposure" guides for drinking water. The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists says C-8 is a known cancer producing agent to animals.

Say it ain't so, DuPont!

MORE ACTS OF GOD - Federal mine regulators covered up facts in one of America's largest coal waste spills along the Kentucky-West Virginia border. Former MSHA director Davitt McAteer says mine maps showed false information. Three hundred million gallons of coal slurry broke through a Massey Coal Companies dam at Inez, Kentucky on October 11, 2000, polluting miles of the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River along the WV-KY border.

The coal company maps showed there was a 70 foot solid barrier on the impoundment, when in fact it was only 15 to 17 feet. Last year Massey showed a profit of $80 million, but they could be fined $55,000 for each incident related to spills. The company told their stockholders they had spent $37 million cleaning up the spill, but $27 million had been covered by insurance.

Recently, the coal industry was placed on alert in West Virginia regarding dozens of impoundment's that place communities at risk, some of which go back to a list produced in the early 1970's prior to the Buffalo Creek Disaster, an event that killed 125 people, described by Pittson Coal as "an act of God."

Say it ain't so, Massey Coal!

SMOKIN' GUNS AND GOOD OLE DARRELL - If you think the "tobacco is bad for you" settlement was driven by a concern for healthy lungs, think again. At least four West Virginia private attorneys may have received $33.5 million in fees from the tobacco settlement.

The four were hired by Attorney General Darrell McGraw, whose office says they do not know how much money the attorneys received, nor does the West Virginia Legislature, nor will the attorneys comment. The Charleston Gazette said some of the attorneys were contributors to McGraw's political fund.

Kanawha County Circuit Judge Irene Berger ruled that McGraw did not have the right to hire private lawyers on the tobacco case. McGraw is on record that outside lawyers should not be hired, except when he did it. Brown and Williamson, the tobacco people, said private West Virginia lawyers wanted $33.5 million for their services, and said that is what they got.

McGraw's office was to receive $196 million for its work on the case, plus some other money for its involvement. Meanwhile, McGraw travels around the state advocating consumer interests in his mini-van and walking down the white line in local parades.

For a cackle, The Herald did a Freedom of Information request to good ole Darrell, wanting to know the lawyers names, amounts, why he hires lawyers in the public's interest when told not to do so, and why the Legislature or the public is not privy to such actions, etc. I just wondered, as a consumer taxpayer.

Say it ain't so, Darrell!

IF GOD BE AGAINST US, WHO CAN BE FOR US - Rev. Jerry Falwell has more than adequately explained why America is the object of terrorism. Talking to his buddy Rev. Pat Robertson after the attacks on America, he said "God continues to lift the curtain and allow the enemies of America to give us probably what we deserve." Robertson responded by saying "Jerry, that's my feeling."

Falwell has demonized the American Civil Liberties Union, an organization that attempts to defend the Constitution, in addition to feminists, abortionists, gays, the Supreme Court, unrepenting alcoholics and addicts, prostitutes, and just about everyone else he finds offensive. "I point the finger in their face and say you helped make this happen," saying you have made God mad, and this is His judgment.

In 1999 Rev. Jerry said we should stock up with ammo, get ready for the computer crash, dispensing his literature and tapes, and that the anti-christ would walk among us as a young Jewish man in the new millennium.

He also circulated a "demonic" tape riddled with mis-information (for a small donation) of President Bill Clinton, portraying him to be a far worse actor than he really was. Rev. Pat prayed an Atlantic hurricane away from his Virginia Beach TV center, to strike other parts of the American shore.

Some have suggested these Reverends are the ben Ladens of America, resembling the thinking of terrorists. The Afghan feminist rulers do not allow female education at all, they cannot read or write, cannot work outside the home, they must wear clothing that covers most of their person, cannot sing or listen to music, cannot be treated by a male doctor (and there are no female doctors), but they can be sold as property or flogged if the holes in the mesh covering on her face is too large. They cannot speak in public.

The off-based Moslem terrorist groups essentially believe any means to their end is justified, discounting their religions teachings.

The Falwell-Robertson hate-based ministries, however, continue to appeal to certain Americans who find some pathological relief in this strange dispensation of the Love of God, much like middle eastern terrorist groups.

Hopefully, the media spinsters will refrain from calling on Falwell and Robertson as talking heads. They seem adept at discussing serious problems about the human condition with a tone that is disconnected from the message of Christ. The last time I checked, He walked and talked with all the lost and downtrodden, seeking to love them into his world of grace and forgiveness.

Say it ain't so, Pat and Jerry!

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