To the Citizens of Calhoun County


I have asked that this letter be published so all of you would know the true reason for my resignation from the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department.

I have heard rumors from, "partying when he was supposed to be on shift" to "he was driving his cruiser around drunk." Well, I would like for you, the citizens to hear it "straight from the horse's mouth." Those rumors are just that, RUMORS.

I worked to the best of my ability to serve and protect all of you during my time with the department, and I only hope that you can look past the ignorance of some, and appreciate the job that was done.

I greatly enjoyed my job in Calhoun County, but as all of you I am sure know, the money is just not here. During Thanksgiving, I was offered an opportunity to greatly better myself, and that's just what I am going to do. Like most, I work to make money, save money, and have a future. There is not much of a financial future for any one at $7.00 an hour, especially when the cost of living, even in rural Calhoun County rises every day.

In closing, I would like to thank all of you for the support given me while serving you as Deputy Sheriff. I wish all the luck to the one that fills the vacant position, and ask that all of you show him/her the same gratitude and respect shown to me.


Justin Metheney