Dear Roger Propst,

My name is Susan Given and I have a son who is a student at Saint Albans High School in Kanawha County. I am writing to you to acknowledge the students and the parents of the students who participate on your high school soccer team.

Our team had the privilege of playing your team on September 26 of this year at our field here in Saint Albans. We then traveled to Grantsville to play you again on October 4.

Your students not only exemplify sportsmanship but also a great will to play the game fairly and with heart. We have played several different teams this year, some harsher and violent than others. I'm sure your players can say the same.

I wanted you and the parents of these fine young people to know that your school was and is represented by a fine group of individuals. Not only the kids but the parents as well. As we all know, parents can be the worst thing about kids sports, arguing and screaming and sometimes fighting with each other over games that should be for our kids.

However, your parents were wonderful. They were very friendly and seemed excited for both teams. They would chat and tell us about your town and new school. This was such a welcome change.

My son had to be on the bus to get to Grantsville one half hour after school and we live 15 minutes from the school. Needless to say we were very rushed to get him to the bus on time. Inadvertently, he forgot his shin guards which are necessary for him to play. One of your fine parents went home and retrieved a pair of guards so my son could play in the game. Unfortunately, this is not what would have happened in Kanawha County. He would have had to sit the bench all game and not participated.

I hope you will share this with your students if the time arises. They definitely deserve recognition. I want to express my sincere thanks and congratulations to the students who are part of your high school soccer team.

They showed our kids what true sportsmanship was all about. I wish them great success in the future. In an unrelated note, I found your school's web site...and I was impressed with the up to date pictures and stories offered on the site. It is another job well done by your students, staff and parents!

Susan W. Given,
Saint Albans, WV