WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING - US Has Licensed 714 Drug Plants In China


Critics of WalMart say that 70% of the products now sold by the giant retailer are from communist China, with this recent TV commercial appearing around the US this week

By Bob Weaver

America's corporations and America's corporate government have put the entire future of the nation on globalization policies, mostly in the past 25 years.

America's corporate media, for the most part, has been passive in reporting the downside.

While Chinese toys and food products have gotten attention as tainted and unsafe, the US is increasingly dependent on Chinese tested and manufactured drugs.

Asking the burning question years late - Is being dependent on China and other far-reaching countries for important medications and drugs a good thing?

If your answer is no, unfortunately we are pretty much at their mercy.

China makes one-third of the world's acetaminophen, a common, nonprescription painkiller, and produces a large share of the world's vitamins, antibiotics, enzymes and components of drugs prescribed for hundreds of ailments, such as high blood pressure.

A key ingredient in the manufacture of antibiotics that fight anthrax poisoning is not even produced in the West anymore.

The United States licenses 714 drug manufacturing plants in China, yet conducted only 13 inspections so far this year, McClatchy Newspapers reports.

Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., noted that it would take the U.S. government 55 years to reach them all at that rate.

Of course, who benefits is American drug companies and their stockholders, as demand, profit and market shares are jumping.

China has been quite willing to cut corners, a recent counterfeit antibiotic killed 13 Americans and hundreds of other drugs have contained poisonous substances.

Media has reported the tip of the iceberg, with 30 second news bites and a few published stories, mostly focusing on popular culture and the political battles between the two parties.

Much is at stake for media corporations who report bad news about food and drugs.

The Charleston Gazette says the United States is now in the ridiculous position of prohibiting citizens from buying cheaper prescription drugs from foreign nations, sometimes citing quality control concerns. Meanwhile, U.S. pharmaceutical firms import vast stocks of drugs from China, where problems are widespread and well-documented.

The Chinese government has "cracked down" on safety violators. The head of its Food and Drug Administration was executed for taking bribes and approving untested medicine.

The US government, according to agency heads, only test a small percentage of imported products.

Questioning federal politicians about globalization policies, some respond by saying the public should have expressed greater concern years ago, implying its much too late in the game to change things.

It has all happened, while you were sleeping.

Hur Herald from Sunny Cal
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