Thank You From Joan Satterfield


It has overwhelmed me with gratitude and humility from all the cards, letters, calls, flowers, leave donations, (I do not get any notification on who is donating) and prayers I have received during my illness, not only from the local people, but the many others.

I want to thank each of you personally. I have received contact from almost every DOHA District....some from folks I scarcely know wishing me well. This has truly been a humbling experience.

March through August was mostly spent in the CCF Hospital. My equal-Librium is off from my second treatment, which was in April, leaving it difficult to walk, although I am slowly improving with physical therapy 3 times a week. The strength in both my hands and arms continues to be a problem too, but my hair is back!

If all continues to go well, I am shooting to return to the WVDOH in March, 2008. I truly want to be able to do the work, when I return.

All I can say, is thank you from the bottom of my heart and please continue to keep me in your prayers.

Joan Satterfield,
Calhoun County HA