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Dear Editor,

This is probably going against the grain of what a lot of people are thinking and feeling right now, but here goes.

A lot of people in the planet Earth are united in their beliefs and feelings right now. Probably for the first time ever. The media that is available at this time unites us in minds, feelings, beliefs and ideas, if not bodies, quicker than has ever been possible before. I just got off a web site that showed the grief, support and, yes, unification that is being experienced across the whole world right now. Russian, Australian, Britain, Palestinian, Kosovo, Japanese, etc. United States flags at half mast, masses of flowers, crying and expressions of pain are being felt for the United States right now.

I don't think that it is because they are afraid that it might happen to them next at any time. I feel that they feel genuine compassion, caring, and love for our country, the survivors and their families at this time. In short, we are feeling LOVE for each other. And remember what the song says "LOVE IS ALL THERE IS." And remember it all starts with us, one at a time. Love your neighbor and do good to those that hate you.

Change ourselves, one at a time, and we will change the world. "Give me a point to stand on and I can move the world" applies as well. Out of this disaster, good things will come. We will become united, we will love each other, we will take care of each other. And after all, that is what we are here to learn - LOVE in great, big capital letters! I give thanks for the sacrifice that those people in New York and Washington, DC gave. I give thanks for the person(s) who chose to do what they did, even though we think they are terribly evil, and terribly wrong. Even they died for what they believed.

But, what they did and what the victims gave might just be the catalyst for the perfect world that can occur, if we let it. Out of chaos, good will arise. Destruction must sometimes occur before rebuilding can occur.The Phoenix will arise from the ashes. Peace will happen on this planet before we totally destroy ourselves, our resources and ultimately our planet.

We must awaken; we must not hate; we must not "give an eye for and eye". We must turn from the path where we were going. No country is totally right or totally wrong. There is good in everyone. We are all one! We hurt one person, we hurt ourselves. We must become God-like and show what we are really made of. Bless each and every one of us. One on one - Give LOVE to each other and you will get LOVE. Give hate to each other and you will get hate. Dare to LOVE, Dare to FORGIVE.

Joan Nowery,
Vienna, WV