Dear Editor,

A note to add to the story on Barnes Run Church, my father, Woodrow C. Conley re-opened that church when I was about three years old, I am now 35 (don't tell). I wanted to mention that it had been closed for years and the Lord called my dad to open it again. Along with Denver and Veda Roberts, we cleaned and got it ready for new members.

It was Barnes Run Church for many years and many worshipped there. Many, including my father, Denver and Veda, Reva Morgan, Wilda Whystell, have passed on, but will never be forgotten for their contribution to the church.

Dad used to drive us from Burnsville, every church night scheduled and on Sunday to open the church. He would go out in the worst weather, with icy roads and snow, it didn't matter, just to be sure the doors of the church were open. He wanted to be there in case just one soul would come who desperately needed to be there.

In 1975, we had my baby brother's funeral there, the only funeral I remember being held there since dad and the Lord opened the church.

Unfortunately, at the end of dad's life, he had some problems at the church. Some members wanted to do what they wanted, and dad wanted to do what the Lord wanted. Such is life, but it is sad that at the time dad could barely walk because of chemo. He didn't enjoy his last months of life, due to worrying about the church. But, he was there, every time the doors were open.

After all these years, I still cannot go back there. That is sad, too. We all think our fathers are the greatest, mine was. He spent his life helping others and working for the Lord. Everyone who knew him, loved him and respected him.

So, while you and your readers reflect on the history of Barnes Run Church, please remember also, Wilda Whytsell, Mrs. Cylde Metz, Aurther Morgan, Denver and Veda Roberts, Quentin Morgan, and my dad, Woodrow Clarence Conley. I hope that while they are looking down on the now Walnut Grove Church, they can be made proud.

Thank you,

Karen Conley Dukes

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