I refer to the article about the Fire Department in Grantsville reaching out to those in New York. I am presently serving less than an hour and a half from the disaster site and through my volunteer work with EMS and with some firefighters from our church, we have seen "Ground 0" up close and personal. It is like a war zone.

The immediate response of people in this area was tremendous as to water, food, supplies, flashlights, etc. However, as in everything, most of these people have a life, a home, a family and a job.

There were people standing often 15 deep on the sidewalks cheering those coming and going, those numbers are less each day as people get back to the business of living.

It is not too late to help and to reach out to those still involved in the effort. They will be there for some time to come. It is good to know that there are still those around the country that will help.

I know that our American Baptist Family has been on the scene daily since September 11 and there are plans in place for an extended presence for some time to come.

Thanks to the Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department and to our friends in Calhoun County.

Rev. James W. Pearson

Rev. Pearson is former pastor of First Baptist Church of Grantsville