WORDS FROM OUR READERS - The Day Of Terror - September 11, 2001


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Just wanted to write a line or two about the Trade Center tragedy. I have heard talk on the news about rebuilding the Trade Center and I think that would be a monument to "Business as Usual" in America. I believe that a "Monument to World Peace" should be built in the place where so many gave their lives. I think that the people of the world and the U.S. would be more than willing to make donations to build it. What do you think?...Bill Bailey


In America, anyone who commits a crime against someone because they might be in a similar ethnic group to the alleged terrorists, or a similar religion, or even similar clothes, will be prosecuted. That is who we are. The people who attacked innocent people in this country, the terrorists groups, is who we want to go after. Not the Afghani people, not the Muslim people, not the Arab people, but the terrorists.

We want freedom and self determination for our country. The world has been a hazardous place with movements like communism that wanted to take over our country. We have used other countries in an effort to protect ourselves. We as Americans, are not proud of that. We want everyone to have freedom and self determination and to live in a thriving, healthy world. No longer do we want to see our government support another regime that represses it's own citizens because it's friendly to us in other areas. Many of us have complained about this in the past. Now we need to change this for good.

I never want to see the US government support a regime that treats its citizens in a way that we would go to war for, if we were treated that way. We know that's wrong. We know what's right. It's not always easy to get a government to do what's right, even here. But now we're going to try that much harder.

We, as humans, want to protect the environment and raise healthy plants and animals. We want to protect the life forces on the earth. Terrorism is a crime against the life force. Environmental degradation, poisoning our planet is a crime against the life force. We are all in this together. We are all brothers and sisters. I don't care what your religion is, or ethnic background, or who your traditional enemies are, we are all on this planet together. We share the air and the water. Our environment and even our economies are linked.

If you go back far enough, somehow, everyone is related. These age old enmities, these taught hatreds between peoples, are something we have to transcend. We need to solve the root causes of terrorism, of the feelings of helplessness in this world. There are a lot of fronts to tackle. The problems going on with Israel and the world in that region, need a solution. The problem with corporations running over the sovereign rights of all countries, including the U.S., must be dealt with.

Let's start the dialogues necessary for true change. Maybe other people in other countries don't understand, but many of us in America hate what some of the huge multi-national corporations are doing and want to do here. Our own government wants to drill in the Arctic wilderness. A majority of our people don't want that to happen. We have pollution here and environmental degradation that we hate to see happen.

Too many Americans feel powerless. I say we all have tremendous power. We have tremendous power when we stand up for what is right. The world trade organization has experienced massive protests. Why? Because they want to put their trade issues above life force issues. They want to be able to tell countries what to do. They want their rules to come before the rules of nations. That threatens the sovereign rights of all nations and peoples, including the USA. They want to be able to do whatever they want regardless of the effect on the environment, or the safety of workers. This is another place where we must put out a strong effort as humans all over the world to say, no. To rein in these corporations. To control them, not let their 'bottom line' nature control us.

So what am I saying? No longer do we make war on nations and peoples. We are evolving. I noticed in Yugoslavia, we attacked and crippled the war machinery, not the people. That was evolution. It's now or never. We need everyone in the world to back us in a search for these terrorists, including the Afghani people.

We need to help feed the starving people of Afghanistan and wherever else people are starving. Everyone should help feed the starving. That's what the terrorists ought to be doing. We should be about the business of creating wealth, food, shelter and clothing.

We should be about protecting our ecosystem, our world, our air and water. It is our life force. We need to learn to acknowledge, respect, and protect the life force energies on this planet. We need to control corporations because of their inherent nature, their 'bottom line' mentality. And we need to realize that we are all related and evolve out of hatred and fear. With love and respect...Steve Gormezano