Deliquent Fee Causes Hardship


To Whom It May Concern:

I do not know the rules of the Town of Grantsville Water Company, however, the delinquent water bill was paid, with the exception of the late fee which was all of $12.36.

Which a check was written for that amount and was taken to the water department to be paid. The check for $12.36 was refused instead they wanted $154.96 for a reconnect fee, deposit etc.

Which was paid due to an 88 year old gentleman living in the home who is bedfast and is in diapers, who needs water to take care of his basic needs. Which they are very aware of this fact.

They are probably within their legal right to disconnect the water, however, morally it speaks of very little regard for the welfare of the ill and elderly all over $12.36.

I hope no other person is faced with having their water turned off over $12.36 while taking care of their elderly parent who is bedfast and in diapers.

I would hope the people who run the town would take into consideration the circumstances before acting. For this is one of the reason that I am so thankful that I do NOT live in Grantsville.


Colleen Duskey