County Employee Pay Increases


Dear Editor,

I have to agree with the County Commission concerning the pay increase that the assessor wants to give his employees. He feels that he would be saving the taxpayer's money. Does he not realize that if the pay increase were approved for his employee's, that each and every one of the other County employees would expect and demand the same type of pay increase, which would, in the end, cause property taxes to go up?

Maybe Mr. Nettles and the County Commission should consider this:

As everyone is well aware, there is a huge shortage of jobs in this County. A $16,000.00 a year job may not seem like alot of money to some people, but it might just make the difference between a family going hungry or not, having their power shut off or not, having their heat in the winter shut off or not........I could go on and on.

In essence, I mean that it might take one family off welfare, or keep a family that might be heading right to welfare and/or loosing everything they have worked so hard for. Thus, most likely, saving tax payers more money in the long run.

The County Commission is always trying to figure out a way to bring much needed jobs to this County, maybe they should impress on Mr. Nettles that he should hire a deserving person that really needs the money to work in his office. After all, the money has already been budgeted, so it's not like it's costing any extra to hire a person.

I feel that would be the best solution to the problem. Sounds pretty simple to me.


Linda Simmons