The Herald has lots of readers in New York City, many who have no particular connection to Sunny Cal or the hills of West Virginia. It was good to hear from one last night.

Dear Bob,

I've been reading the Hur Herald for about a year now and really do love it. I've never had the inclination to send an e-mail in before, but I read your Day of Infamy story and wanted to express my appreciation to you for it. Those folks are the soul and backbone of this country, I hope they know it.

Barb Lay (from your article) It is something to appreciate the safety our rural hills bring to our families. Amen to that.

Today was horrible, I hope to never witness anything like that again. I always remember where I was when Reagan was shot (Jr. High) when the shuttle blew up (WVU) and I'll never forget this one either.

Anyway, again thanks for the web site and all the effort that goes into it, I've been enjoying it for many months and intend to do so for a long time more. Just wanted to let you know.

Take care,

Dave Humphrey