Gaylen Duskey Candidate For Grantsville Town Council


My name is Gaylen Duskey and I am a candidate for the Grantsville Town Council.

I was born and raised on Hog Knob and am a graduate of Calhoun County High School.

I have been on town council for the past two years and am proud of the achievements we have made, including the start of several projects to improve the town's infrastructure; the demolition of the old town hall, the purchase of much needed playground equipment and the straightening out of many records and the beginning of a search for lost equipment and files.

I do hope to be re-elected because there is still much work to do and I'd like the opportunity to continue working on the projects we have under way. However, that decision is up to the voters of Grantsville.

Should I not win I do want to take the time to remind the new council members of some projects currently under way that need to be carried through to completion.

They include:

A $2.2 million dollar sewer project. Should the town fail to get this project completed it could force the state to take over the sewer plant and sewer system. This could facilitate a sale of the plant to a private company who could raise rates to suit their purpose and could bring in new employees to replace the current ones.

An $830,000 water project. The project will replace current six-inch lines from the plant to the water holding tank on town hill. It would also build a new 300,000-gallon storage tank probably on the south side of town. This is important because the town must supply both area public service districts - Mount Zion PSD and Pleasant Hill PSD - with water and both PSDs have plans in the works for expansion. The upgrade is of the utmost important to allow the town to keep up with demand.

The town hall building project. First the new ordinance giving the voters the right to have a say in whether the old town hall lot can be sold or not is very important because it can keep some well-meaning but misguided people from having a fire sale on the property for a quick buck. This would be bad because it could wreck applications the town has made for grants and would wreck the town's credibility about telling the truth. The town's representatives need to remain vigilant and active in seeking funding for a new town hall. The money is out there and it is just a matter of time before it will become available.

We must find out where the missing equipment - mostly police department equipment - went and make a full accounting for it. If there was theft it must be dealt with. If it was merely misplaced it must be found. But their needs to be accountability in this matter and there can be no sweeping this under the rug.

We must find our missing court records from our previous court. No matter where they are or who has them they are the property of the Town of Grantsville and they need to be available to the town to make sure the town is on the up-and-up in the way this previous court was conducted. To do anything less would be less than forthcoming.

Should I win re-election I will be honored to continue to serve. Should I lose so be it. But should I lose the new council must continue to work toward the goals the previous council has set and not turn back the clock to the days when the rug was for sweeping things under not walking on.