Gary Knight Candidate For Mayor Of Grantsville


To the Voters of the Town of Grantsville,

This letter is to ask your support and vote in the upcoming Grantsville town election. I am seeking the office of mayor. This is a position that I have held before, having served four years in that capacity.

During those four years, we saw the town improve in a number of ways. A $67,000+ deficit was eliminated, the town operated in the black for the first time in several years, city government was brought more into line with proper standards of procedure, the new Charles Stevens Memorial Water Plant was completed, the Grantsville waste water treatment plant was extensively upgraded, the first city street in several years was paved using municipal funds, the accounting system was upgraded from a 'pencil and paper' type system to a modern computerized system, council was more fully and completely informed than it had ever been before, Roberts Rules of Order were introduced and utilized, the first municipal court in several years was founded, better relations were formed with the town's creditors (who said at the beginning of our term that "Grantsville was the worst account they dealt with".), grants were applied for and received, we received good marks both financially and procedurally from a state audit, received accolades from the Charleston accounting firm of Teed and Associates for progress toward the town's improvement and overall well being, streets were being swept and cleaned, new avenues of growth and development were being explored, expensive and nonproductive labor policies and practices were eliminated, more efforts were made to involve local businesses, organizations and citizens in town business and growth, adjustments were made to make the city government more efficient and productive, everyone on the town work crew worked together and there was a degree of harmony and sense of purpose, surveys and letters were sent to residents to keep them apprised and give them a more informed and active voice, employees were treated fairly and equitably, mistakes were made but always with the best interest of the town at heart, and the list goes on. This is all a matter of public record.

I would very much like to see this type of government return to our town. I believe that you would too. I respectfully ask you for your vote in the upcoming election and your support in my next term as mayor. I thank you in advance and promise to do my very best not to betray your trust. If you have questions or would like to discuss any issue with me, please feel free to contact me anytime at 354-6497, look me up in person, or email me at I will always be happy to talk with you.


Gary Knight,
Grantsville, WV