Dear Editor,

When I voted for Shelly Moore Capito she became "my say" for her elected term. Isn't that why we vote them into office?

I'll get right to the point. If the environmentalists have their way the Coal Mining Industry will be shut down in West Virginia, just like it was in the West when Bill Clinton closed 1+ million acres containing the worlds largest coal reserves. Now we are buying coal from Indonesia, who by the way, donated $3 million to his campaign.

I can't help but wonder if the radical environmental groups are concerned about the environment in Indonesia. Could it be it's not about the environment after all?

God made us stewards of the environment but never at the expense of affecting the livelihood of the common folk.

If the mining companies are made responsible to restore the land the environment will not suffer and neither will the residents. And when the coal is gone God will replace it with something else just like He replaced copper with sand. What a concept!

Chuck Sampson
Elizabeth, WV