COMMENT By Bob Weaver

We are reminded of our families, our community members and the multitudes of our great society who contribute to our well-being each day by the labor of their minds and bodies.

We particularly honor those in Calhoun County, many who work for very little because of our poor economy and the recession.

Driving out to a job has been a long-time effort to make a living, but now most of those jobs have vanished.

We honor those who work without pay for many causes and concerns, our last remaining volunteers who give back to their community.

We also honor those who by the toil of hand and spirit carved their way into our wilderness, tilled on the land, constructed primitive roads and dwellings to launch life as we know it.

This Labor Day is more ominous than most, with the nation's economy in a shambles, defined by a lack of opportunity.

Certainly corporate media and Washington does not acknowledge the unfettered back turning or lack of regulations that allowed the money changers (free market gone greedy) that led to the collapse of the American economy.

Not one person went to jail, Wall Street traders or bankers.

There is the marriage of government to large corporations, millions and millions of middle-class jobs globalized, employee wages stagnant, benefits diminished or in many cases gone.

Globalized jobs are rarely acknowledged as part of the joblessness problem in the USA.

Worse yet, the US Supreme Court gave First Amendment Rights to America's corporations to spend endless sums of money on their favorite political candidates.

This years presidential election will see over $2 billion spent on the campaign, much of it donated by anonymous billionaires.

The big overlay is the out-of-control national debt, the trillion dollar wars fought for misrepresented reasons, tax breaks to the wealthiest, with many of America's biggest corporations paying no taxes at all.

At the same time, most of the USA's largest corporations and multi-nationals are making record-breaking profits, unlike the suffering they experienced during the Great Depression.

Most annoying are politicians who are now campaigning against the very decisions that got us in this fix, including the over extension of government.

We have often written that the American Middle Class is dead, but most workers have been caught in the hubris of political spin and haven't taken time for the funeral.

If my father and mother were alive today, both hard laboring blue-collar workers, they would find it a hard press to make it.

We are reminded of a basic belief that our society crumbles when the marketplace fails to offer the opportunity of meaningful work.

In West Virginia and Ohio, the biggest employer is Wal-Mart and fast food.

Oh, to return to the days when America actually produced things.


A high human function - the basis of human life, the most dignified thing in the life of man. David Ben-Gurion

In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken. The Bible: Genesis III, 19

The grand conqueror, enriching and building up nations more surely than the proudest battles. William Ellery Channing

The capital of our workingmen. Grover Cleveland

Everything in the world is purchased by labor, and our passions are the only causes of labor. David Hume

Labor: The law of happiness. Abel Stevens

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