Great Coverage Of Lady Pioneers


Dear Editor,

I try to check out your "questional publication" frequently and want you to know what a great job you are doing with covering the GSC Lady Pioneers.

We are great fans of theirs and go to as many games as we possibly can. We, along with our two granddaughters, were in the stands for the WVIAC championship, and the last two games of the Regionals at Glenville. What excitement! And we are now planning our trip to Nebraska to see them make their way to the National Championship. So, kudos to you! Next, Dick and I were talking the other day about "Sunny Cal" and wondering about the origins of that phrase. I have heard it for as long as I can remember, but have no idea where it came from. Do you ? Just curious...

Keep up the good work.

Carolyn Meadows Sturm

Editors Note: We thank Drew Moody for his excellent photos.