Says Darwinism A Farce


Dear Editor,

Mr. Ansel Payne's letter of 2/17/2007 would be amusing if it wasn't so deadly serious. Mr. Payne is in a position to warp the minds of children or to set them on a right path. I'm afraid the former is the norm.

Mr. Payne stated many things without one whit of proof - merely repeating that which he has swallowed hook, line, and sinker. That is his prerogative. However, in something so serious, I for one would prefer to check other sources before claiming Darwin's theory as absolute fact. Apparently, Mr. Payne puts much store on the number of PhD's any given organization can claim in its membership. Try the Institute for Creation Research of El Cajon, CA.

Below is a brief listing of the PhD's on staff. They know as much about evolution as anyone alive, they just don't believe it; and can back their positions with solid evidence.

1. Henry M. Morris, PhD, Hydraulic Engineering.
2. John Morris, PhD, Geological Engineering
3. Steven Austin, PhD, Geology
4. Larry Vardiman, PhD, Atmospheric Science
5. John R. Baumgardner, PhD, Geophysics and Space Physics
6. Russell Humphreys, PhD, Physics
7. Andrew Snelling, PhD, Geology
8. Eugene Chaffin, PhD, Theoretical Nuclear Physics

These people graduated from prestigious universities from around the globe and hold to the same viewpoint. Darwinism is a farce and totally unprovable.

This, by far, is just a smattering of those reputable scientists who choose to ignore the teachings of so-called scientists and search for real truth.

Gerald L. Ball

Davisville, WV

Phone: 304-485-9695