Opposed To ATV Regulations


Dear Editor,

In response to the article expressing complaints about Legislators actions in regards to ATV legislation, I find it completely amazing that any thinking adult is foolish enough to DEMAND to be told what to do by increasing the burden of law.

One would suppose that the manufacturers have ample warnings on their products in regards to safety issues, and that anyone intelligent enough to own and operate an ATV would also have the intelligence to be able to read those warnings and understand what they mean.

It would follow that the person in question would therefore have the ability to make decisions as to what is the best and most appropriate way to use their ATV.

Why does the legislature have to be involved at all? I find that the over abundance of "junk" laws in our society is insulting to the collective intelligence of the human race.

And I am appalled that so many actually insist on their lives and minds being regulated as if we were too unintelligent to think for ourselves.

Is the human race really so foolish that the majority cannot make any rational decisions about their safety and how they live their private lives without constant supervision?

If a person were to get hold of a comprehensive list of existing "laws", and really think about it, you would be flabbergasted at how many of them nearly everyone breaks every day of their lives in some way or another.

Perhaps the answer is that we are all simply criminals with childlike minds.

I do not have such a defeatest attitude, however, but rather feel that the majority DO have the intelligence, values, and understanding of right and wrong to be able to function well in this world without the ever present "big brother" to legislate every move they make.

Patsy Buvoltz