Highway Department Given Kudos


Dear Editor,

I am writing on behalf of both myself and my mother, Earline Lynch. We wish to thank the workers from the Calhoun detachment of the state highway department for the work they did Tuesday, February 6, on Jessies Run (Liberty Hill) Road.

The ice and snow have refused to melt off for the last week or so, leaving the uphill part of the road pretty slippery. Since we do not drive 4X4 vehicles, it's sometimes scary driving out that way so we have been forced to drive out the "back" way and cross the low-water bridge.

An area of the road had become very treacherous with crater-like potholes that caused our vehicles to drag and, on occasion, to become stuck. On Friday, February 2, Mom called the detachment and explained the situation but they were unable to do anything due to a heavy workload in other areas due to the bad weather.

She was told they would try to get to it as soon as was feasible. By the evening of Monday, February 5th, the holes were still unfilled and she was growing more concerned about having to drive through them once again after already having become stuck on Friday.

She called Mrs. Satterfield at home to explain her situation and she told Mom she had driven up through Jessies Run that day and that some rock would be put on it by the following day. She was very attentive to the problem and courteous about being contacted at home. She even called back with further information after the initial call.

Sure enough, by shortly after 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, some workers were out and the holes were filled with gravel. Lots and lots of nice gravel that made the road smooth!

We just wanted to write this and thank Mrs. Satterfield and the state highway department workers who came out in below-zero temperatures to fix the problem and help ensure we can get out to go to work.

Everyone - including us - is always so quick to complain when things go wrong and nothing gets done about it but many people don't usually take the time to thank people when things do get done.

So, I just wanted to take a moment to send this thank you so that all your readers would know the good work that was done in this situation and the speed with which it was accomplished.

With sincere thanks,
Cindy Castle