$400+ Million Royalty Suit


Dear Editor:

Yes, my father (Garrison Tawney) would have been proud! When he died in Septmeber of 2004 at the age of almost 91, he kept busy up until that time submitting check stubs and other records which were used to prove fraud by CNR in this case.

However, thanks should also go to Mr. Orton Jones and Mr. Larry Parker for being suspicious about the amount their mothers were being paid at about the same time as my father's suspicions were aroused. They were also named plaintiffs in this suit.

My father couldn't have pursued this without the help of Judge George Scott, who after trying on his behalf to get information about my father's checks, suggested that we consult with Mike Carey and Bob Douglas, partners in Carey, Scott, and Douglas.

This fraud was so wide spread--not just against my father, Mrs. Jones, and Mrs. Parker--that we decided to represent all royalty holders in WV.

That is when we knew that we needed, as well as Mr. Carey and his firm, class action lawyers Marvin Masters and Scott Segal, who did a brilliant job of presenting the evidence as did Mr. Carey.

There are between 8,000 and 10,000 CNR royalty holders in the state of WV (many of these our relatives, friends, and neighbors in Roane County) who were cheated. We were proud to represent them in this class action.

We are appreciative of the jury and the monumental task they had in sifting through all of the testimony and exhibits that they had to consider over the three long weeks they served on the jury.

This jury was not "dazzled by brilliance or baffled by bull----." They did their job as Judge Evans instructed them to do--to ensure that justice was done.

They sent a message that good common folk deserve to be treated fairly and honestly by big corporations as well as by anyone else they deal with. Just why would fairness and honesty hurt the gas business in West Virginia, like a local gas producer alledges? Is he trying to tell us that the gas producers can't make any money unless they cheat us?

Yes, my father would be proud of the verdict and the award just as our family is pleased and grateteful, that justice has been served for the royalty holders in Roane County and in the state of West Virginia.

Anne Tawney Goff