Remembering Wanza Gainer Marsh


Dear Editor,

When I was a little boy going up on Mt.Zion Ridge my Dad, Horace L. Haught was friends with Cleo Gainer. One time we were invited to their house. Mrs. Gainer popped a wash tub full of pop corn. She also had plenty of molasses. We ate pop corn and made popcorn balls.

Wanza who was five years older than me and sophomore at Calhoun High School helped me, a little nine year old boy make pop corn balls. I thought she was the most beautiful and most wonderful girl that ever existed. From her obituary it sounds like she has been the same kind of person all of her life.

One never knows just how far the influence goes. I am sure that Wanza would have no idea who I am. But I have tried to live up to some of the examples I witnessed while living in Calhoun County. Wanza was one person who made an impression on a little boy that has lasted a life time. I am sorry the world has lost such a nice person.

James C. Haught