Have you ever visited the Wirt County Fair? Well I had never been to the Fair so this year I decided to take my family to the to relax on my day off from work. We drove to Elizabeth, from Spencer and found the fairgrounds by following the signs.

When we approached the fairgrounds we met two ladies with their hands out wanting $5 per person to attend the Fair. I thought that it seemed reasonable, so I paid them $20 and drove the rest of the way into the fairgrounds. We parked and began strolling through the "Fair". The stands were closed. The rides were closed. Everywhere you looked there was a price for everything. What was the $20 for? PARKING?

We did find one stand selling hot dogs open. The weather was nice and the skies were clear, but everything except the one hot dog stand was closed. It took about four minutes to cover the entire "Fair".

Becoming extremely frustrated we went back to our car and drove back out to the ladies at the road, I asked them why everything was closed. They responded by saying that the flower judging was earlier that morning and around 3:00 the kiddy rides would open. Why would I be interested in kiddy rides? My daughters are 17 and 15. I gave them their tickets back and they told me they were sorry that I was unhappy. I asked if I could get my money back since we were only in there for approximately seven minutes, they said sorry. So needless to say I felt that I was taken advantage of and that there is nothing "fair" about the Wirt County Fair.

I hope that anyone planning to attend this "closed event" think twice and learn from my experience. Thank you for listening, James Husk
Spencer, WV