Regarding ATV Road Rules


Dear Editor,

Some want regulation of ATVs on the road and this seems to be the selling point for regulation.

Is there any information on the 53 plus deaths this year as to who many were on the paved roadway?

How many had a bottle in their back pack?

How many ATVs are there in the state to the number of deaths?

Many ATVs are a tool just like a hammer. Do we need to regulate hammers because I my mashed my fingers.

And there was personal pain and lost for a time.

How many tractor deaths are there in the state to the number of tractors? Or tractors hours worked? Do we need tractor regulation? What would Bud Parks say?

I look at a family member's near death in a tractor accident. Very personal to family, myself (one of my kids) and close neighbors. Very personal because, I did not properly instruct my kid that this tractor could not be shifted on the go, like the other two tractors that he had been working with.

Do I need regulated? Would tractor regulations change this accident?

It sure is personal and it still hurts. But, NO regulation would'nt have changed a thing.

Do we need tractor regulation to keep tractors off paved roads?

Are the ATV deaths kids?

Do we need regulations on PARENTS? Kids found doing wheelies down a paved road, put the parents in jail we two weeks.

Look at the problem. Help the public look at the problem in proper prospective. Don't just regulate my tools. Don't just make an outlaw of me.

Keith Lynch