Remembering a Grantsville Christmas


To one and all,

I am sitting here remembering Christmases past. Christmas time in Grantsville. It was a time of wonder and awe. Compared to to days standard of living it was very little but 65 to 70 years ago, it was a wondrous season. Presents were few and treasured greatly.

Neighbors were close by, Ruby Harden and her 5 children, Ida and Swifty Nicholas and their many children and the Patti Rhine family and many other neighbors close by.

I couldn't wait after opening my presents to go to their homes and see their gifts. We had wonderful celebration of love and of giving. Another great memory and one I hope to never forget is the Christmas programs at the 1st Baptist church.

Their reenactment of the birth of Jesus made heaven come to earth. I pray that the same Spirit still resides in Grantsville.

So to all who have the great privilege of living in Grantsville and the surrounding area, I wish you a blessed and merry Christmas.

Ruth Jordan Boyd