Did I Get What I Want? Not Yet


Dear Editor,

I am not a political person. I will state that right from the start. However, I felt compelled to take a look at our nation from 1999-2000 (pre-President George W. Bush).

2000 gas prices: $1.42 a gallon

Unemployment rate (1999): 4.2%

There had not been a terrorist attack on the country since Oklahoma City in 1995.

There had not been a foreign terrorist attack on the country since the World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

Over 2,000+ service men and women were still alive, prior to being drawn into a war under false pretenses.

2000 National Deficit: $435.4 billion. 2006 National Deficit: $1.4 trillion

Countless jobs had yet to be sent overseas.

Yes, I was glad to see the Democrats take control of Congress and Senate.

Did I get what I want? No, that will come in 2008 when President Bush leaves office.

Chuck Kendall,