Election 2006 - People Got What They Wanted ...


Dear Editor,

On Election Day, November 7, 2006, this was the picture:

1. The stock market was more than 12,000 - the highest in history.

2. The unemployment rate was 4.4 per cent - the lowest in history.

3. Gasoline prices were at $2.08 - the lowest in more than a year.

4. We had not had a terrorist attack in the United States since September 11, 2001.

5. We had won a war in Iraq but are having a tough time with the follow-up police action.

This is what the majority of Americans voted against giving the country a Democrat-controlled Congress and Senate.

People got what they wanted. I just hope they want what they get.

Gaylen Duskey
PO Box 507
Grantsville, WV