To whom it may concern,

Seeking information, no strings attached.

Due to a recent pregnancy and medical issues , female is seeking her birth family.

Due to the sensitive nature of the issue, I am seeking this information for my cousin. What information she has is this, she was born November 23, 1975 at 1:13 p.m. at the hospital in Granstville, Calhoun County.

It is belived that one of her parents had the last name Lloyd. There was some speculation she may have been a twin. She was raised by a grandmother?

For part of her first year.She was adopted out of Charleston, WV in 1976. Her adoption became official when she was 19 monthes old.

Any one with any information please contact me, her cousin, Jennifer Gandee Barker at 927-3284 or email me at Wvbarkers I will pass all information on to her. Please remember no strings attached, this is not someone wanting money. This is someone desperatley seeking medical information.

Thank you.

Jennifer Gandee Barker
93 Bear Fork Rd
Spencer WV 25276