PET PEEVES - Tailgating


"Ongoing Articles of Annoyance"

By Harry Beall

Aaahhhh! There's just nothing quite like the smell of carbon monoxide in the morning. Yes sir! We should all stick our nose right up the tail pipe of the car in front of us and breathe the fresh air.

I usually drive faster than I should on the way to work in Doddridge County in the morning. I generally take the turns about 10 mph faster than the posted recommendation. If the speed limit is 55 mph, I will usually drive 60. Don't tell anyone! In spite of this, there is always somebody who lets me know in no uncertain terms that I am not driving fast enough.

This somebody will inevitably crawl up behind me so close that I am afraid to hit my breaks. Sometimes, when I am in a particularly irritable state, I give them a reason to bond with me. I slow down to around 35 mph. This usually accomplishes one of two things. They either get the message and back off or get really aggravated and pass me (double yellow line or not). Either way, it gets them off of my rear end.

There is this one individual in a gold colored pick-up (I won't divulge the license plate number here) that catches up with me around Smithville and rides my tail until he can pass me (usually on a double yellow line). He also always has his fog lights on no matter the weather; but that's another story.

I believe the law states that you should follow by one car length for every 10 miles per hour that you drive. That would be at least 5-car lengths if you were going 50 mph, assuming you need me to do the math.

On my long drive to work, I have to break for deer on an average of 3 or 4 times. If you are riding my tail when this happens, we will become one no matter how quick your reflexes are. My one greatest wish is not to experience the melding of metal and flesh because you are riding my butt. So do us both a favor and BACK OFF!

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