Calhoun Fan For Life, But...


Dear Editor,

I have lived in Calhoun most of my life,and Calhoun sports have always been a name game or if your a senior you will play.

I went to the Calhoun-Ritchie game last night, and watched two great running backs get just about everything on their own.

Don't get me wrong, there are some linemen that play their heart out. But the ones that stand there and watch the back take the hit need replaced.

We have alot of kids that are willing and able to do the job on the sidelines.

Give them a chance and you might be surprised, because if you don't you might be the next Gilmer county, the kids on sidelines might get tired of waiting.

Great job last night Danny Slider, when you got your shot last night you were a deciding factor!

A Calhoun Fan For Life,
Duane Mccormick