Engleke Homeland Security Threat?


Dear Editor,

I was reading the Creston News this week and I became very concerned.

Because of recent terror threats, correspondent Alvin Engelke noted that, "if one sees someone who looks like Achmed, Abdul, Farouk or Osama digging a hole along the road one should act quickly."

Good advice, I thought.

Then with vigilance on my mind, I glanced at the picture that accompanies the Creston News. Hmmm. . . beard. . . look of barely restrained aggression . . . foreign-sounding name . . . knowledge of highway engineering.

Needless to say, I fear that Mr. Engelke may himself be reported to Homeland Security as a suspicious character and I urge him to adopt a more "americanized" appearance and more appropriate last name (such as Bush, Birch, or Wallace).

I send these comments out of genuine concern and they are in no way related to my ongoing offense at Mr. Engelke's slandering of Bill Clinton, nor the fact that Mr. Engelke worked me like a borrowed mule during my tenure at the Highway Department, nor because he yelled at me once when I was a child after I had turned off all the lights during the Creston Sing (on a dare).

M.C. Mills
New York, New York