For some time now, I've been wanting to express my personal feelings and thanks to everyone that has helped in any way in my Grandson, Ryan Fitzwater's accident and recovery. The Hur Herald performs a great service for the people in this area in keeping each of us informed of the happenings in our area, so thanks to you Bob.

For the trauma team, Josh Johnson and Mike Little who were on the scene in minutes and performed rapidly and professionally in getting Ryan to Minnie Hamilton Health Care. Thanks guys. I am glad we have the trauma team and the EMT's that give us service as these two young men did. Everything seemed to work as if it were planned for the day of the accident. The trauma team arrived within two or three minutes, after Rick got to the place the team could meet him. The helicopter arrived within two to three minutes after the ambulance arrived at Minnie Hamilton. Then the 17 minute flight to Charleston General Hospital, where another trauma team was waiting. Ryan was clinging to life by a very thin margin. Only by the grace of God and the care he first received at the scene, went to saving his life.

To the people that worked so hard in getting the blood mobile at the Brooksville Baptist Church on Thursday July 19th. To the many that came with food and to give blood on Ryan's behalf, approximately 140. We give praise and thanks to you for giving the gift of life.

While we spent several days at the hospital, things went on at the Rick Fitzwater residence. Neighbors and friends took heavy equipment to the accident scene and up-righted the over-turned tractor. All equipment was moved to the house, cleaned, washed and put away. Five or six friends walked one mile to a meadow where Rick's horses were, and moved them to another meadow about two miles from where they were. Rick's lawn was mowed, the garden worked, a wheel chair ramp built from the porch to the ground so Ryan's wheel chair could be moved in and out. Prayers, cards, visits, food, money have been given. What friends! What a wonderful place to live. Prayers are still being offered for Ryan's recovery and we solicit your prayers in his behalf.

Today at our Church Ryan was present. What a testimony of compassion, love and thanks Rick gave. As he related the entire story from seeing his son under a tractor and how he and his other son, Michael removed the tractor and how Michael ran for over one mile to the nearest neighbor to contact 911. He expressed love and thanks to everyone that helped, or is helping in any way.

Twenty two years ago Faye and I moved here to Grantsville with three unhappy children. Teresa, Kimberly and Rick. There were many tears shed in our breakfast cereal for at least one year. It seemed I had made a major mistake in moving to such an area as Calhoun County, but thank God for placing me and my family here among you folks. I have never met such wonderful, caring people as the folks here in Calhoun County and we're proud and thankful to have you as our friends.

With much love and thanks to each of you, I am,

Shirley Fitzwater

P.O. Box 61
Grantsville, WV. 26147
shirleyf @access.mountain. net