Easy To Muse On The Travails Of Others


Dear Bob,

First, let me say that I continue to enjoy on a regular basis your irreverent slant on the goings on in the area. You bring a much needed perspective to those of us lucky enough to take the time to check in on the "herald".

Of course it's always easy to muse at the travails of others, less so when you are in the scope yourself. The two recent mentions of me by your local correspondent were interesting to say the least. I don't know what I have done to raise his ire, but I think a reporter should at least have asked for my comment before writing his story.

Yesterday's posting of the "travesty of justice in Gilmer County" by Mr. Moody contained one slight error that unravels his main theme. My comment "I know him, I feed him" was in response to the question if anyone knew the arresting officer, Trooper Skidmore.

All law enforcement officers eat at my restaurant for half price, a custom McDonald's has followed for decades across the country. I mentioned this because it might have been perceived that I would therefore be more sympathetic to the prosecution, not the defense as Moody alleges.

The only joke that took place that day was the thousands of dollars spent by local government to prosecute a case that involved transgressions that saved the county money, not cost it, a point of view that it would have been very difficult to find a jury pool to disagree with.

Anyone that knows Mr. Moody, and his penchant for such actions as flying the American flag upside down on his front porch for weeks, pay little attention to him anyway, but I thought I would at least set the record straight on the "feed him" quote.

Denny Pounds