Kendall resigns from Wood Festival Pageants


Dear Editor,

To all my beautiful Queens and Princesses.

I will no longer be directing pageants for the Calhoun County Wood Festival. My resignation from this committee is not due to my lack of interest in pageants, or related to the girls that I have worked with, but due to creative differences.

Most of the girls that I have worked with I have watched come up through the pageants from the time that I was a pageant mom to becoming director of the Wood Festival Pageants.

I have truly and completely enjoyed working with each of you. Each of you are winners in my eyes for having the courage to get on that stage.

I have no doubt that each and every one of you will continue to grow and become someone that you can be proud of.

I want each of you to remember what beautiful young ladies you are but more importantly that you all have something of importance to offer your communities.

Don't be disappointed with any loss on the stage because you have to lose some to appreciate the wins. The most important thing I want you to remember though is that being a winner is not being crowned or having someone announce you a winner but by believing you are a winner.

To me, these pageants were never about making money but about helping you to develop into the confident young women that I always knew you could become.

I will always make myself available to each and every one of you whether you need advice, help or even to just borrow a pair of Danielle's pageant shoes.

Feel free to call on me at any time.

I wish you lots of luck in the future and in all your pageantry attempts.

To all of the pageant moms, you're great. As a pageant mom I realize the tremendous amount of time and work that goes into getting the girls prepared for the pageants.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to have moms that were willing to help out while still trying to get their girls ready.

I know what it's like to be the mom with the girl that doesn't place. Aside from your support in the pageant, your support before and after the pageants has been priceless. Without you, these pageants would never have happened so thank you.

To the Wood Festival Committee, we wish you the best of luck with a successful 2006 Wood Festival.

Crystal Kendall