Intrigued about the American Flag Burning Amendment


Dear Editor

I have recently become intrigued about the American Flag Burning Amendment that is trying to ban the right to burn the American flag. For what does the American flag stand? It stands for the independence of each of the fifty states and the freedom that each American citizen has. If someone would burn an American flag would it be wrong or is it the individual's right to freedom of speech? Freedom of Speech allows us to express ourselves whether it is by speaking or writing the words and the right to print all things by the press.

There have been several attempts since the early seventies up to present date to get this amendment passed, the House has always passed it but it has been shot down in the Senate. If it ever passed the Senate, it would likely pass in all fifty states and ban the right to burn the American flag.

I myself am for the ban, because the American flag stands for the freedom that we have and the veterans have fought so hard to make sure that everyone has the right to defend the flag or themselves no matter what race, religion, male or female and no matter whether they are fat, skinny, tall, or short.

Each individual should be able to defend the flag of this country without someone telling them that they are not allowed to because they are not of the right race, religion, male or female, or that they are too tall, too short, overweight or to skinny to be able to defend themselves or this country.

Burning a American flag would be expressing that you do not love the United States of America and that you don't need or want the rights that you receive from being an American citizen. Ask a veteran of any war and they will tell you what price they paid to defend the American flag to make sure that each individual American citizen has the freedom to make our speeches or print the words that you read in books or newspapers everyday.

Jerry Howell