Thanks To Anatomy Class Field Trip Donors


Dear Editor,

I'm writing to thank publicly the generous donors, both in Roane and Calhoun Counties, who helped my anatomy class pay for its recent field trip.

On short notice and with financial concerns of their own, these wonderful businesses and individuals came through splendidly, and the students and I are more than grateful. For some of these kids, seeing downtown Philadelphia -- its museums, shops, and urban culture -- was a first-of-its-kind experience; I like to think it's one of the things they'll remember and cherish from their high school years.

A complete list of donors would be too cumbersome for this letter, but I hope to publish one shortly on the news section of our school website  Calhoun High School  

Anyone interested in contributing to the fund for next year's class trip is encouraged to contact me at the high school 304-354-6148, or by email

Again, thanks,

Mr. Ansel Payne
Calhoun County High School