By Tony Russell


Your name:      Soc. Sec. No.:  

Nickname given to you by the President:

Prep school attended:        College attended: 

College club or fraternity:      Golf handicap:  

1. List all position(s) for which you are applying (e.g., Federal Emergency Management Agency, Atomic Energy Commission, Civil Rights Commission, Food and Drug Administration, Board of Corporation for Public Broadcasting, etc.)  

2. Describe any experience, training, or academic preparation you have for any of these positions. (Please note that prior experience or training, while not necessarily a disqualifying factor, may be weighed as a negative consideration.)  

3. How do you know the President? Please be specific—e.g., former roommate, college chum, former drinking buddy, member of the Bush Family retinue, friend of a friend, etc. Be precise in your answers. Do not, for example, claim you were a former roommate of the President if you actually lived down the hall. :

4. Are you willing to ignore evaluations and recommendations from experts and professionals in your agency, and to base decisions solely on political expediency, as determined by Karl Rove or his designee? Circle one: Yes No

5. Are you willing to conceal information from Congress and the public as needed? (Examples: actual cost of Medicare benefits, absence of weapons of mass destruction, minutes of meetings with oil company executives to discuss energy policy, etc.) Circle one: Yes No

6. What are your Party credentials? (Examples: former member of Young Republicans, former member of county or state executive committee, current officeholder, etc.)

7. Do you have the technology skills to delete and destroy such e-mails, letters, logs, files, etc., as might be demanded by prosecutors when your agency is under investigation? Circle one: Yes No

8 Have you been born again, or are you willing to be? Circle one: Yes No

9. In the past ten years, how many times have you raised or personally contributed $100,000 or more to the President's political campaigns? Circle one:  10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

10. If you have not already taken an oath of fealty to President Bush and the Bush Family, are you prepared to do so at this time? ______ If your answer is 'Yes,' please kneel and repeat the oath after me; you may rise once your shoulder has been tapped with the flat of the sword.

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