Wanting Bill Durst Information


Dear Editor,

I have been trying to find out where my grandfather Bill Durst is buried. I finally found some information about him by looking at your history column. He worked at Cabot Station in the 1900's. He got his arm torn off in an accident.

I finally got to see what he looked like in some photographs that were published with a story called "Boston-On-Kanawha Cabot Station 100 years, World's Biggest Carbon Black Factory" on the Herald.

There is a picture of him submitted by Dale Johnson, indentfication by Emory Smith, before he lost his arm and later there is a picture of him after he lost his arm.

My mother Alfreda Durst died in July of last year. She said she couldn't remember where he was buried, because she was a young girl when he died. I have been to Grantsville looking and so far have not been able to find anything. Maybe you know of some one that could help me.

I would appreciate any help or information you could give me.

Thank You,
Beverly Johnson